Our Story

Taylor Ovens

Founder - Taylor Ovens

  • SRSTA & USARS Instructor: 2021-2023
  • National Competitor/Performer/Coach: 1997-2023
  • World Team Member 


Why Arizona Roller Entertainment? 

  • We are a professional roller skating group who seeks to promote the sport and art of roller skating through entertainment opportunities. Providing a unique performance experience is our bread and butter, and we aim to inspire and awe every viewer.
  • With over 5 decades of professional roller skating knowledge and expertise, we strive to provide a safe, positive, and enriched learning environment for all learners of all ages and backgrounds. 

How are we different?  

  • Given that we are formally educated and credentialed by an accredited roller skating federation, RSA, we are insured for such events and teaching purposes.  In addition to our formal training, we are experienced in many aspects of performance arts and how it relates to consumers.  Our team also undergoes CE courses within the confines of roller skating technique and safety.  We are the true professionals within this industry.